Daanen Poultry


Cut up line ACM MX


Transport System:

Full Stainless steel SIGMA track 35m

Stork Sigma corner wheels, drive and tensioner

Stork chain and 125 t-Track trolleys

MX-cut-up shackles (like new)


  • 3 person hanging station H16.61
  • Neck cutting module H18.04
  • Tail cutting module H18.58
  • Wing cutting module CC MX HY H18.19
  • Breast cutting module, short or medium rib H18.31
  • Front/back half cutting module H18.37
  • Splitter module CC MX H17.53
  • MX Shackle washer H16.51
  • Manual Unloading station H16.65
  • Switchbox MX

Marel Inspection-peeling table HP with washer screw conveyor [NEW 2017]

inspection table

Type HP

From the gizzard harvester, the gizzards are automatically brought to a peeling bed which can be found on the inspection/peeling table type HP. All gizzards are processed here once again. The inspector then separates the correctly peeled from the not-correctly peeled gizzards. The peeled gizzards are discharged underneath the table for wrapping up. The not-correctly peeled gizzards are transported via a truogh to the conveyor screw which will take the gizzards back to the peeling bed of the gizzard inspection/peeling table where they undergo processing once more.

  • There is also an option to peel gizzards, that have not been peeled correctly, manually on the peeling bed of the workbench.
  • The workbench has been fitted with a sieve for leaking gizzards. It makes the gizzards drier and improves their storage life.
  • Underneathe the inspection/peeling table a collecting bin for the offal has been integrated, which can be connected to the vacuum transport system
  • Installed power: 1,1 kW.
  • Capacity: max 9.000 broiler gizzards/hour.

Testing the C5000 Cut-Up machine Stork

STORK C5000 is operated by one only person who feeds the broilers into the machine ,where they are transported automatically.
During this transport , the rotating knives cut the broilers into portions.
The C5000 can easily handle 1000-1200 broilers per hour .
The portions leave the machine at the bottom end in the order of breast , wings , legs and back piece .